Tuesday, October 23, 2012

It's Showtime Fliptop Battle Controversy; WIll MTRCB suspend Showtime again?

'It's Showtime' faces another controversy, as it celebrates 3rd Anniversary this week.

On 'It's Showtime' live episode today, October 23, 2012, hosts Vice Ganda and Jhong Hilario picked two (2) guys from the audience or the Madlang Pipol to do FlipTop or a rap battle in the show's "Sine Mo' To" segment.

And there, the unexpected thing happened, creating controversy anew for 'It's Showtime', which is a PG-rated live noontime show on ABS-CBN. 

The first guy, who happens to be a teenie probably aged 13 or 14, opened the FlipTop battle with this: "Fliptop ka nang Fliptop, wala ka namang laptop. Ito piso, pambili ng lollipop."

He received a loud applause from the audience.

And the other guy, also a teenager I guess, responded: "Di ka naman marunong mag-fliptop, ala ka pa laptop, ISUBO MO NA LANG T--- ko, gawin mong lollipop."

The Showtime studio was filled with silence after that. The hosts and the usually appreciative Madlang Pipol were obviously in deep shock.

Vice Ganda pulled the guy's hair and scolded him, "Sinabi ko nang walang bad words!". And the guy was escorted out of Showtime studio as consequence.

The hosts led by Vice Ganda later apologized for the incident, after the show went back from a commercial break.

Will they get another suspension from MTRCB?

In fairness to the show's hosts, they reminded the two guys before the fliptop not to say bad or nasty words. But still, it happened. 

Back in January 2010, only on its 3rd month of airing, Showtime already got a 20-day preventive suspension from MTRCB over Rosanna Roces' negative remaks against teachers during its January 7 episode.

Rosanna already made an apology in the same episode and ABS-CBN already removed her as one of the judges in the show, but still they got suspended. (MTRCB was headed then by Consoliza Laguardia, and Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo was still the country's President.)

ABS-CBN made an appeal while the show was temporarily replaced with "Magpasikat" and Showtime was able to get back on air after 10 days when the court ordered a TRO against MTRCB's suspension. -


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  1. Sa tingin ko hindi dapat isuspend ulit ang showtime kc sa una pa lang pinagsabihan na nila ung madlang people na bawal ang bad words. but still this is a live show and no one wants to happened that, and they can't control what madlang people going to tell. So I think it's not the show will blame to that accident.


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