Monday, May 28, 2012

Charice nalaos dahil kay Jessica Sanchez!

DATI-RATI, Charice Pempengco’s career as an artist was definitely blooming in the States.

Her participation at the musical “Glee” was a big feather to her cup as the first Filipina ever to have accomplished such feat.

But somewhere along the way, something must have gone wrong, her promising career in the States appears to have plummeted and is now practically non-existent.

Why is that so?

Nawalan na ba ng gana si Oprah Winfrey para i-push ang kanyang career or did she get to discover something not altogether pleasant in as far as Charice’s attitude is concerned?

Oh, well, mukhang out na nga siya sa graces ng globally famous TV personality dahil sa Pinas na lang siya naglalagi lately at wala na tayong nababalitaang proyektong naka-line-up sa kanya roon.
Of course Charice happens to be a fantastic singer but she must have done something that has totally pissed off the otherwise most supportive Oprah.

Lately, lalo pang na-sideline ng popularity ni Jessica Sanchez ang aandap-andap ng career ng lengua na raw (could it be true, Lola Fermi? Has she taken after your ignominious money-grabbing AC/DC persona? Hahahahahahaha!) na si Charice. Hahahahahahaha!

Oh, well, all roads lead to Jessica lately and she’s definitely the hottest Pinay entertainer in the US of A.

Inasmuch as she’s (Jessica) not that comely altogether, she has charm and charisma and the belting ability of Charice plus a lot more!

Well, ganyan talaga. Weather-weather lang ‘yan and it’s palpably Jessica’s time to shine and hug centerstage lately.

Ang standing joke nga, baka raw maging Cheapendale performer na lang si Phillip Phillips dahil his musicality definitely pales in comparison with our kababayan’s tremendous vocal skills.


Kunsabagay, mukhang daks naman at super flawless itong si Phillip Phillips, bagay na bagay nga siya roon in the event that he fails to make it as an entertainer. Hahahahahahahaha!


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  1. oh please...Jessica is overrated. Her tone is not as smooth as Charice's. Jessica is half-filipino, and is American for that matter. Grew up rich, because her favorite hobby is "shopping"... Nothing special about her or inspiring about her. She sounds like any other karaoke singer out there.

  2. P.S. She couldn't care less about the Philippines, other than the cash from the filipinos...She's an American, first and foremost. At least, Charice is born and bred in the people are giving Jessica way more credit than she deserves.

  3. Filipinos are crazy everything about imported no originality, they are like an imitation products. I am in abroad for over more than a decade and no matter how much I would love to convince myself for Jessica but my heart remains for the fearless princess Charice. Jessica is just riding on with the Ph media, she participates for all the crabs in Ph... To all Charice haters, Charice success is not achieved overnight she works hard for it. No one could destroy her because she is soaring even higher. We her fans abroad praying 24/hours for her. Charice, do what u ought to do, you are just barely 20 years old people are envious with your achievement. I admire your attitudes in life despite of all those haters you maintain composure. Be yourself in XFactor you are doing fantastic. Cast aside those haters, we can't change their minds but we can change our minds positively. We are truly very proud of you. Too excited for the next season of Charice. Your fans from Singapore looking forward to watch your movie Here Comes The Boom.


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